web design

I’ve worked with photographer Blake Hill a bunch, including cobbling this site together from a gallery theme he chose and a popular eCom plugin. Blake typically needs print stuff, too, and is typically specific about what he wants.


graphic design

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web design, graphic design

Screenshots of Outrageous Surf’s landing page are pretty much all I have for the Lahaina, Maui, surfing lesson and board rental business website. We were close to launch when Blake’s business partnership dissolved and we shelved the site. Bummer, ’cause it was a sporty and kinda gorgeous one-page responsive site. After reworking Outrageous’ existing logo of triangles to be volcanoes and big waves, we put it on mesh back caps, rash guards and various printed matter.

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web design, book design

Surf Adventures of Noah, a children’s book and labor of love Blake self-published in 2010, was “illustrated” with claymation dioramas Blake made and photographed depicting son Noah’s surf obsession. I wrangled both website and book design on this project.

Skills Graphic Design, Logo Design, Web Design, Wordpress