Dogtown Ink

swiss army knife

I essentially created a new WordPress theme (that mimicked the New York Times) when I designed and coded Dogtown Ink, my 2008 news parody, subculture reader and local guide to Venice Beach. I also created the lion’s share of its content; having just completed my tenure running a sojo project for Yahoo! News, I’d created my own with its tagline “From the Hyperlocal to the Extraterrestrial.”

I eventually added a guide to area architecture to the site before I stopped publishing altogether (long about the time the economy crashed). It was a gas while it lasted and was singled out by several leading Internet news providers by way of example during that era’s move to local local local news sites. (See below for Paris Hilton’s Tax Cut, a music video I created for DI during the ’08 presidential campaign that was picked up by Huffington Post.)


Skills Branding, Copywriting, Editorial Writing, Graphic Design, Logo Design, Web Design, Wordpress
Client Dogtown Ink