Media Concepts International

swiss army knife

Typical of the “all-hands” approach common to start-ups, I’ve provided all kinds of services and worked in all kinds of capacities for this entrepreneurial group’s new businesses.



For Lobby Twits, a start-up social network dedicated to political transparency, I consulted extensively on GUI development, performed beta testing and debugging, evolved boilerplate site copy (Privacy Policy, T&C, etc.), and populated the network with substantial rich content by way of demonstration — putting a “there” there. I established LT’s early support infrastructure (using Salesforce’s Desk), conceived of viral marketing campaigns and provided graphic design. As well, I performed as a social media manager and consultant.


• • •


For Facebook and Android virtual trading app Super Stock Jockey (launched in collaboration with Nasdaq) I provided WordPress website design, API integrations, community and social media management. Beta testing, debugging. Using Salesforce Desk to build support, ticket tracking, call center. Technical writing of FAQ, T&C, privacy policy. (Paid winners, bridged app backend and wordpress website). Managed photo spray on Times Square screen and user in Times Square campaign. Merch at Zip… from establishing support infrastructure (desk now salesforce); web development, design and publishing (wordpress); marketing A/B testing (unbounce), social management/community management, email marketing (mailchimp, constant contact, etc.), graphic design for digital, print and swag


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What began as The Players Channel ultimately became Diamond Club Television, a gaming-dedicated cable network that I named, designing its logo, creating wall-to-wall programming and PPoint decks (leading former Warner Brothers TK, Michael Solomon, to join DCTV).

Skills Branding, Copywriting, Editorial Writing, Graphic Design, Logo Design, Web Design, Wordpress